Hello! My name is James Hunnicutt & welcome to this website!

I am a singer/songwriter, author, Mala maker from the Pacific Northwest & an advocate for the rights & well being of all beings(planet & animals too!) I believe that we are forever connected in our stories & iterally bound by the same basic needs & interests while simultaneously tied to one another's fate as well. Though beautifully unique, I have discovered we are far less different than the wealthy elite/propagandists who run our fear based media sources would have us believe. It is generally under the veil of inequality, neglect, a lack of education/culturing & abuse(physical, mental, chemical, etc.) that our less than desirable attributes begin to emerge & take hold of our lives. When the basic needs of food, shelter, health & a sense of purpose/direction/education are met, this journey continually reminds me that people inherently want & will try to do GOOD. Beyond these shared needs, I have also found no greater medicine for what ails us, than music, art & living a life infused with love. My goal is simple- to cultivate this awareness, touch upon it & pay/share it forward in every song, album, bracelet, Mala, art piece & show that I am fortunate enough to take part of in this world. Whether you agree with me, enjoy what you find here & choose to support my journey or not, I sincerely hope that you carry, or will soon find a similar realization & motivation in your own life. I wish you the best, my friends- Love & Light to you, always & thank you for stopping by! James

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